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Criteria for A Cappella Fella Criteria

This can be be known as "Barbershopper of the year"]

an explanation of  what the "A Cappella Fella" award is all about.   

The nominations, recognise the special contribution made by some of our members over the previous twelve months (and to some degree prior to that).  By "special" we mean that these persons have done more than would be expected of a member of the Club by involving themselves in something which assists in the smooth running of the Club and contributes to making this Club so successful and the envy of other clubs.  It might, for example, include taking on a role within the Club or taking the initiative to help improve things within the Club.  Since the award was introduced at the end of the Club's first year, there has never been an occasion, when we have not had several members who fall into this category.  The difficulty comes at the AGM ,when we have to ask you to choose between these nominated members, the person you feel most deserves the award of A Cappella Fella.

2001: Pete Powell 
2002: Jeff Click 
2003: Ian Fraser 
2004: Alf Beake 
2005: Jim Downing 
2006: Bob Walker 
2007: Richard Mills 
2008: John Palmer 
2009: James Dubois 
2010: Paul Connolly 
2011: Roland Powell 
2012: Windsor Rackham 
2013: Ed Beer 
2014: Nigel Gravette 
2015: Ed Cox 
2016: Matt Ã…kesson, James Dubois and Norman Lilly
2017: Geoff Whitehouse
2018: Pete Wickham
2019: Phil Brant
2020 Al Lines
2021 Ewen Nichol
2022 Josh Ellingford
2023 Chris Dale


Beer Gravette Award

The award consists of a plaque and £100 cash and is to be given ‘to the Royal Harmonic who through his own personal effort and consistency in singing, choreography and attendance, has shown the most dedication to the Club in the previous 12 months’.

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